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I think we should take a break... [12 Oct 2004|07:42pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I'll be taking a break from posting entries in this journal for a while. As you can see I've been less than a faithful blogger for the past couple weeks - a lot of stuff has happened that I'm not sure posting would provide any relief.

I think maybe I'll start reading other people's journals more in an attempt to be at least a little less self-absorbed in my own trials and tribulations. Maybe I'll even read and comment in YOUR journal! It's been fun: rating the uglies, joining communities, meeting new people, and just writing for the sheer joy of it.

Sooner or later I'll come back to you all - or at least the rating communities, for although my will is strong, my bladder is weak, and I just love pissing on all of the wannabes who apply. JUST KIDDING! If and when I find I'm missing this I'll start posting again.

Until then: au revoir.

Peace, Love, Rock & Roll

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hmmm... let's see... [22 Sep 2004|08:08am]
[ mood | awake ]

Who has taken the time to visit me at Quizno's since I started working???

Adam P
Jess G.
Jess B.
and of course my Beloved

Why the fuck aren't the rest of you coming to see me on saturday nights from 4 to close!? Let's get to it bitches!

postscript: Saturday night's going to be hot. I plan on carrying out my plan of recording us all high singing along to alex busting out on guitar. I just think it's such a precious and valuable piece of our budding teen years. Last saturday made me realize how many songs have truly inspired most of my generation, and I want to cherish these memories as interpreted by one of us. So what if alex forgets the second verse and goes straight to the chorus in almost every song? That's the point! NOBODY remembers the second verse! What's important is the music and the people we grew up with, and Alex's interpretation of these cherished songs with his friends singing along could provide a fresh new perspective on the songs that formed a generation. Or at the very least provide me with some enjoyment for years to come.

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ATTENTION! [19 Sep 2004|03:20pm]
Hey kids, this is going to be a quick post, but it is of the utmost importance that you reply! Due to important events that occured last night (i'll post an explanation later), I need everyone and anyone who reads this journal to post their most memorable songs. Songs that inspired their early teenage years, songs that for one reason or another almost anyone from our generation will recognize and/or relate to. Seriously, bring on the cheese, I don't care how cheesy you may think they are now. The more nostalgic, the better. I'm talking about sublime, nirvana, the fugees, anything you can think of would be appreciated. I need your answers.

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The End Is Really Fucking Nigh [11 Sep 2004|11:44pm]
I just got home from my second day of work at Quizno's. It's pretty draining, but I enjoy it. Luckily I didn't miss out on any dancing because apparently the party was called off. Well, that's what Darin said when I called him on his cell and I "woke him up." I can never tell whether that kid is lying or telling the truth. Oh well... I wouldn't have gone anyways. Dana doesn't want me too. I had a bad time the last time I went to one of Hulsey's parties, and she doesn't want to worry about me. Whatever... Things are going downhill for her and I and I fear the worst.

In other news I bought a haircut and it rocks. Pictures coming soon.

Goodnight baybeez

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"it's a yin yang mo-fuckin' salad, bitch!" [06 Sep 2004|10:28am]
[ mood | geeky ]

I got a job at quizno's. Partly because the young man who said the above quote to his manager when asked why his salad looked so odd no longer works there. Thanks Mike.

Also, thanks Ben for referring me.


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I say carny you say carnie. And someone is bound to say carnival technician... [05 Sep 2004|02:03pm]
I went to the fair last night with Dana. I keep forgetting how much it totally blows. Every year people make it out to be the place to be during the last week of summer, and every year I become even more dissapointed. I went into one of the commercial pavilions and slept in an electric reclining chair.

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Operation: Bat Freedom [03 Sep 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

Mission accomplished.

Today during 3rd block, Dom and I were wandering the halls people watching (as it was our second day back to school – upperclassmen w00t).

It just so happened that a small brown bat was hanging from the ceiling of one of the hallways during that fated 3rd block. Before coming upon the bat in question, Dom and I happened upon Taylor. Thus, we made our way outside. Before reaching our destination, however, the bat described above found its way into our lives.

Just before leaving the side corridor next to the main office, we noticed a small group huddled outside of an administrator’s office. She was in the middle of the group, staring at the bat. With no way of reaching the bat safely, everyone just decided to stare at it. It was just chilling there - being a bat, when someone suggested just leaving it were it lay, or in this case, hung from.

This was a bad idea, I thought. What happens if the bat gets lost in the school, becoming injured or hurt? No, it was best to return it to its natural habitat: the ocean.

Upon being informed by Dom and Taylor that the common brown bat was not, like it’s cousin the bottle-nosed dolphin, an aquatic mammal, we got another idea. Take it to a tree outside and let it chill with its bat self until nightfall approached and crime took to the streets of Gotham City.

So me, being the tallest, got a mug and Dom, being the sweetest, got some paper and slid it over the mug after I coerced the bat inside with the promise of a small-enclosed space with no assurance of release.

After charging students a nickel to see what was inside the mug, we placed the bat on the grass. It was apparent bats are no burrowing creatures, nor are they grazing animals. We scooped the little guy back up and placed him in a tree.

Placing batman in a tree was the most exciting part of all, as we realized he was actually more like spider-man. His wall-crawling ability was off the charts. I was excited. So was Dom. I didn’t really have time to gauge Taylor’s reaction.

That is all.

K, bye.

- Tyler

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CVU parking woes... [31 Aug 2004|11:56am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So last night and this morning was an adventure for me. After picking up the lo-fi recording of frank's new band from burlington, I headed down to school to meet up with alex. It was the night before getting our senior parking pass, and there were already over 80 kids camped out at cvu, waiting to get their parking pass. Luckily, I, along with most of my friends got on the tail-end of the makeshift list, written down by those students fortunate enough be there over ten hours before the actual event would begin. ...Ridiculous...

At around 10:30 our principal, Val, came and kicked us all out. However, she was nice enough to honor the list. So Alex and I, with nowhere to go, nor with any desire to return to our homes, set out to find a party.

We encountered nothing spectacular, settling on going to Alex Hulsey's place, a guest house turned sweet bachelor pad located on his parents' property. about twenty kids were there and I got about an hour's worth of sleep with Dana before we headed out along with Alex and Charlotte to Denny's @ five am. Brutal...

We then made the trek back to cvu in time to get in line with the others on the list, with over fifty unfortunate souls who would have to wait their turn to get parking passes. Hours passed without any progress; we just waited and waited and waited... Meanwhile everyone was in that state of being "so tired they need to throw up" including myself - and I had just eaten a Denny's french toast platter. Again, brutal.

Finally the line was brought inside and in about forty minutes I received my parking pass...IN THE UPPER LOT! WHAT THE FUCK!? It's barely worth it, and fifty kids didn't even GET parking permits. The system is flawed beyond repair, and hardly anyone is happy.

I'm so frustrated I don't know how to wrap this journal entry up.

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vengeance! x3! [30 Aug 2004|08:50am]
[ mood | chipper ]

omg! like, this is totally my bff brian whitney! Should he apply for the rating communities!?

I got bored. Brian got retarded.

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...may the graves rest in peace... [28 Aug 2004|08:55am]
[ mood | grateful ]

That’s it! We’re through! Game over, man!

The Graves’ last show ended less than 24 hours ago…lament!

For those who did not attend, shame on yourselves, not because your absence was that incredibly noticeable, but because you missed out on a great time.

(I apologize to those who did in fact try to make it; the above statement most certainly does not apply to you.)

We played last (sort of, crypt kicker five played like 3 songs after us, not that anyone was there to watch…) and 242main was packed!

Before going on, I was a little worried about the turn out. Three bands were on before us, and for each act, less than forty people were actually inside the club. As it came our turn to start setting up to play, I resigned myself to the fate of playing for only a handful of people. Soon I saw the faces of my friends, who had been hanging out with me outside of the club during the lame punk rock acts, pour into the club; I felt ready to play, happy my friends were there to support me. I turned around, setting up, plugging in my mic and sound checking, and when I faced the audience from the stage again, 242main was packed.

I was ecstatic. We played an awesome last set, and everyone was thrilled. It was great to play such an energetic and satisfying last show with such amazing musicians and great friends.

After the show I got a little ill just thinking about what I was going to do now that this band was over. In many ways, this band opened me up to a new world of music, giving me so many opportunities I still need to explore.

Although I’m going to miss playing in the sweetest (though short-lived) rock band in Burlington, I’m going to miss hanging out with the awesome dudes I shared the stage with.

I’ll especially miss Justin, who right now is driving off with his girlfriend of more than two years, Audra, to start a new life in California, where she is going to school. It seems he is living just after I really started getting to know him, and having such a great friendship only makes his departure harder on me as well as the rest of the band - who have been friends much longer.

Thank you to Ben, Charlie, Dave, and Justin, this band really changed my life, and given me the hunger to pursue music. I plan on making music with you all again sooner or later.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has supported us through our short-lived time as the Graves. We all love you and will miss sharing our music with you so much.

For this last week of summer and right on through the school year I plan on surrounding myself with all my friends, especially those I have not been able to see enough this summer. Justin’s departure is really doing a number on me and it’d be nice to get to hang out with you all. So everybody, expect a call before school starts, and feel free to call me, I really want to hear from everyone before I become a senior.

Peace, Love, Rock n’ Roll


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...no more cures for curses you can't undo... for fathers you never knew... [27 Aug 2004|09:46am]
[ mood | distressed ]

Shame on our director.

A few very talented people were completely screwed out of roles this year, and to me at least it doesn't make any sense. For someone who was hired for being pro-seniority (not that i necessarily agree with that) she totally messed up. Even if she wasn't pro-seniority, she should at least be pro-talent. I hate to single people out, but there are quite a few people who should not be doing this play. It's Sondheim for Christ’s sake...Musical theatre rarely gets harder than the play chosen for this year's musical.

My support goes out especially to Brian, whose devotion to theatre and talent knows no equal at CVU. I hope this situation can be resolved. There are so many newbies who have no talent that received DOUBLED roles! They aren't even the roles that are traditionally doubled, (even though she said that's how she planned on putting on the play!) Now I know Brian might disagree with this, but I got the role of Cinderella's prince, and therefore I should also be the wolf. There is no recognizable reason that Brian of all people shouldn’t have a role: there are plenty of less qualified actors who have more than one role. Therefore I am not losing hope, because if Sebastian comes to her senses, there’s an easy way for those who should have been cast to be part of the play.

I don't hate Sebastian, nor do I want to quit the play. No one does. However I need to express my disappointment in someway without being censored, as I know I must formulate my opinions into a mature and plausible argument in order to be taken seriously by those who cast this play. That being said this fucking blows and my senior musical experience won't be nearly as fun as it should have been.

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No kitties!?!?!? [25 Aug 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

why god, why...

My parents said no to getting cats...

So depressing...

Gogol and Fyodor: I PINE FOUR YOU!!!

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KITTIES!!! [24 Aug 2004|11:07pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Today was an okay day. I had to wake up retarded early to go see an oral surgeon about getting my wisdom teeth removed (sucks). Then I tried in vain to finish my AP english papers... I then slept from 2 pm to 7 in the evening, upon which I was invited out to ice cream with ali. That was fun, as I rediscovered chubby hubby.

I'm going to start the south beach diet and get back to my fighting weight.

Oh my god, Charlotte is going to be giving me two of her cat's newborn kittens... I've always wanted cats but my family is more of a dog family (no clue as to why, as all my parents ever do is complain about our dog, Marley).

I used to have a cat at the age of eight. He was actually a stray tiger cat, but he always hung around after I'd come home from school. I named him Ralph, and our friendship ended when my dad poured water on him to scare him away. (He was clawing apart our screen doors to come inside with me).

I am excited about these kittens. Their names shall be Fyodor and Gogol.

Peace out bitches.

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This Friday [24 Aug 2004|01:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Our last Graves' Show until December is coming up this Friday, August 27th... Be There!

We'll be playing with Pretty and Nice, Crypt Kicker Five, Operation Extermination, and Lipstick.

We'll be having our set videotaped and a DVD will be made, so come down to 242 Main this Friday night and become a part of Rock history!

Who's up for partying after?

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Soundtrack To My Life [24 Aug 2004|01:08pm]
The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

Make a soundtrack for your life, matching songs with the following:

Opening song: The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You

Waking up: Bright Eyes - Bowl Of Oranges

First date: Franz Ferdinand - Micheal

First kiss: DMB - Crash

Falling in love: The Cure - Love Song

Seeing an old love: Coheed and Cambria - TSSTB: God Send Conspirator

Heartbreak: The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Driving fast: Coheed and Cambria - IKSSE:3 The Camper Velourium III: Al The Killer

Getting ready to go out: At The Drive-In - Rolodex Propaganda

Partying with friends: The Mars Volta - Inertiatic ESP

Dancing at a club: Fischerspooner - Emerge

Flirting: Sublime - Santeria

Feeling sexy: The Mars Volta - Cicatrix ESP

Walking alone in the rain: Radiohead - Creep

Missing someone: Deathcab For Cutie - Transatlanticism

Playing in the ocean: Sunny Day Real Estate - The Ocean

Summer vacation: Hot Hot Heat - Oh, Goddamnit

Fighting with someone: Thursday - Paris In Flames

Acting goofy with friends: Imarobot - Black jettas

Thinking back: The Velvet Teen - A Reverie To Chanticleer

Feeling depressed: Bright Eyes - Padriac My Prince

Christmas time: Adam Sandler - The Chanukah Song

Falling asleep: Coheed and Cambria - TSSTB: I Robot (secret track)

Closing song: Our Lady Peace - The Wonderful Future

Take The Soundtrack to Your Life Survey

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THE GRAVES LAST SHOW [19 Aug 2004|12:48pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

So it's coming to an end, as Justin is leaving for California to be with his one true love in just over a week. He leaves the 28th.

Meanwhile, we have set up a new show, it will be the evening of August 27th, @ 242 Main. Be there.

We'll be playing with Crypt Kicker Five, Pretty and Nice, and hopefully The Static Age.

Greek Goodbye
The Innocents
Dreaming of Autumn

We'd also like to do a cover of sorts...got any ideas?

It's been a pleasure, peace out.

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ahahahaha [16 Aug 2004|11:06pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

So I just get home from band practice when I see that my brother has just finished frosting his hair. About to wash it off, he starts pouting, yelling at our mom, "why did I do this I look awful!"

In the confusion, he turns on the water and puts his head under to rinse off the remaining dye, not realizing the water is turn to the hottest degree. ahahahaha. Long story short my brother messed up his hair royally and then burn the side of his face. He's crying, but I can't stop laughing.

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Warped Tour was awesome! [14 Aug 2004|12:08pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Sooo much fun.

I saw Flogging Molly, Anti-Flag, Yellowcard, Brazil, Thursday, Bad Religion and Coheed and Cambria, and they were all amazing.

Coheed and Cambria kicked the most ass of course, with Thursday a close second.

I was able to see a lot of friends I'd been missing all summer, and I even got to hang out with Brad during Coheed. I danced a whole lot.

The weather blew, but it was refreshing to get rained on after dancing in the huge crowd after Coheed played.

Hope everyone who went had an amazing time, talk to you later.


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WARPED TOUR [12 Aug 2004|12:58pm]
Warped tour tomorrow in Montreal. Word.

Who's going?
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the concert [12 Aug 2004|12:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The underOATH concert went well, but I was a little disappointed. It was an intense set, and all the bands played well, but underOATH didn’t play some of the best tracks off of their new album. This unfortunate occurrence, coupled with the fact that the sound guy didn’t know what he was doing, made for a sub-par performance. My first outing to the new Nectar’s bar was less than satisfactory. Make no mistake, I had fun, saw a lot of friends I’d been missing this summer, and of course the underOATH guys were really cool. However it could have been a much better show.

Oh yeah, the guitarist bashed some kid in the head with his guitar by accident and was bleeding all over the place. Throughout the song, the guitarist would stop playing and start up again periodically, covering his mouth searching for the boy who was whisked into the restaurant section. It was great; they had to mop up the blood.

I talked to the kid after; he was fine but had to go to the ER to get stitches. He also got a lot of free stuff and a guaranteed free in to any underOATH show…ever.

All in all, it was a pretty good show if not amazing, and they have got to be the ugliest band ever.

When Glass Shatters sucks. A lot.

I've got a puppy in the back.

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